Discover Swap Rates for Different Markets

Forex Swap Rates
Symbol Short Position Long Position
USDCHF -4.00 0.90
GBPUSD -1.80 -6.00
EURUSD 0.00 -7.00
USDJPY -5.50 -2.00
USDCAD -3.29 -3.49
AUDUSD -1.91 -2.34
EURGBP -1.00 -3.90
EURAUD 2.30 -9.16
EURCHF -4.000 -2.00
EURJPY -2.01 -5.11
GBPCHF -8.24 2.00
CADJPY -5.00 1.00
GBPJPY -6.99 -3.39
AUDNZD -3.82 -3.50
AUDCAD 3.59 -2.56
AUDJPY -5.00 -0.50
CHFJPY -2.8 -5.15
EURNZD 4.00 -3.39
EURCAD 2.50 -9.00
CADCHF -6.00 2.00
NZDJPY -5.00 1.00
NZDUSD -2.16 -1.66
GBPAUD -4.63 -7.53
NZDCAD -3.80 -3.30
GBPCAD -6.65 -7.45
NZDCHF -4.53 -0.73
USDSGD -9.30 -10.70
USDNOK 10.00 -50.00
EURSEK -10 -20
GBPZND -7.13 -9.23
GBPNOK -45.00 -30.00
GBPSGD -13.00 -16.00
USDDKK -56.53 -35.53
USDNOK -10.00 -10.00
USDSEK -20.00 -0.00
USDTRY 200.00 -1200.00
EURTRY 250.00 -1300.00
GBPTRY 250.00 -1400.00
USDMXN 86.00 -394.00
USDCNH 10.00 -65.00
USDCZK -9.00 -9.00
USDHKD -60.10 -56.80
USDHUF -22.84 -22.14
USDPLN -29.69 -25.69
USDRON -20.00 -20.00
USDRUB -2000 -4000.
Indices Swap Rates
Symbol Short Position Long Position
Commodities Swap Rates
Symbol Short Position Long Position
USOIL 0.50 1.50
UKOIL 0.50 1.50
NATGAS 0.50 1.50
Commodities Swap Rates
Symbol Short Position Long Position
ADIDAS -2.5% Annu. -2.5% Annu.
BMW -2.5% Annu. -2.5% Annu.
DAIMLER -2.5% Annu. -2.5% Annu.
DEUTSCHBANK -2.5% Annu. -2.5% Annu.
LVMH -2.5% Annu. -2.5% Annu.
SIEMENS -2.5% Annu. -2.5% Annu.
AMAZON -2.5% Annu. -2.5% Annu.
APPLE -2.5% Annu. -2.5% Annu.
BOFA -2.5% Annu. -2.5% Annu.
CISCO -2.5% Annu. -2.5% Annu.
DISNEY -2.5% Annu. -2.5% Annu.
EBAY -2.5% Annu. -2.5% Annu.
EXXONMOBIL -2.5% Annu. -2.5% Annu.
FACEBOOK -2.5% Annu. -2.5% Annu.
GOOGLE -2.5% Annu. -2.5% Annu.
MICROSOFT -2.5% Annu. -2.5% Annu.
NETFLIX -2.5% Annu. -2.5% Annu.
TESLA -2.5% Annu. -2.5% Annu.
WALMART -2.5% Annu. -2.5% Annu.
Cryptocurrencies Swap Rates
Symbol Short Position Long Position
BTCUSD 0 -10% Annu.
LTCUSD 0 -10% Annu.
ETHUSD 0 -10% Annu.
BTCHUSD 0 -10% Annu.
XRPUSD 0 -10% Annu.
Metals Swap Rates
Symbol Short Position Long Position
GAUTRY 150.00 -450.00
GAUSD 0.75 -2.50
XAUEUR -4.00 0.00
XAUUSD 2.50 -7.00
XAGUSD -0.30 -1.8
XPDUSD -6.00 -12.00
XPTUSD -2.00 -6.00

Swap Rates in the Financial Landscape

What are Different Types of Swap Rates?

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What Factors Effect Swap Rates?

Gain insights into the key factors that impact the movement and fluctuations of swap rates, allowing you to make informed decisions. What Factors Effect Swap Rates?

How are Swap Rates Applied in Financial Markets?

Discover the diverse applications of swap rates in various financial strategies and risk management practices. How are Swap Rates Applied in Financial Markets?

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Swap Rates FAQs

Swap agreements offer several benefits for various market participants:

  • Hedging Interest Rate Risk:  Companies or investors can use swaps to manage their exposure to interest rate fluctuations. For example, a company with a variable-rate loan can enter an interest rate swap to fix their interest payments and protect themselves from rising interest rates.
  • Speculation on Interest Rates:  Some market participants use swaps to speculate on future interest rate movements. They can enter into swaps based on their expectations, potentially profiting if their predictions are accurate.
  • Accessing Different Markets: Swaps can allow access to markets or currencies that might be otherwise inaccessible, offering diversification opportunities for investors.

Swap rates are not directly quoted but are derived from other market interest rates. They are typically priced based on the following factors:

  • Risk-free interest rate: Often reflected by the yield on government bonds of comparable maturity.
  • Creditworthiness of the counterparty: The higher the perceived risk of the counterparty defaulting, the higher the swap rate will be.
  • Supply and demand: The market forces of supply and demand for specific swap agreements can also influence the pricing.

Swap rates are applied in various scenarios depending on the duration of your position and the specific policies of the trading platform or financial institution involved.

  • Overnight Position: If you maintain a swap position beyond the daily settlement period, an overnight interest rate will be applied to your position.
  • Daily Basis: Holding a swap position overnight will result in the calculation of overnight interest based on the prevailing swap rate for that particular day.
  • Server Time: At, Swap rates are processed daily at 00:00 Server Time. This means that any changes or updates to swap rates will occur at the beginning of the server day, affecting positions accordingly.
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RISK PROBABILITY: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. These products may not be suitable for all investors. It is important to fully understand the risks involved and seek independent advice if necessary. You should carefully consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing money. The value of your investment may go down as well as up.

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